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Player for GMusic – The most beautiful client for Google Play Music

Crumlin 11/17/2016 1:13 PM 3,384 Tags: , , , ,

Player for GMusic is a perfect app for all music lovers! This app allows to easy use Google Play Mucis service on PC, tablet and mobile devices.


Player for GMusic Features:

  • Search and listen to music content on the Google Play Music.
  • Cache tracks.
  • Listen to cached tracks from sections Cached Albums and Cached Artists.
  • Listen to the radio.
  • Search and listen to tracks on your own music library.
  • Listen to the music from sections Library / Albums and Library / Artists.
  • Listen to music from the “Top Albums”, “What’s New”, “Recommended”, “Similar”, “Top Tracks”.
  • Sort music by track, artist, album.
  • Sort in playlist.
  • “Thumbs up” playlist.
  • Search by song, artist, album.
  • Move from song to artist and album.
  • View similar artists.
  • Access to artist album.
  • Displaying artist photos and album covers.
  • Pin the album or artist to the main screen.

Start to enjoy the music! 😉



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